Bulk Fuel

Farmers Union Oil Company delivers bulk fuel for farm agricultural use, home heating and commercial use. We sell premium unleaded no ethanol 91 octane, unleaded 87 with 10% ethanol, clear diesel, and dyed diesel for bulk delivery. We offer full tanker load deliveries at a discounted price. We also sell and install petroleum equipment such as tanks, pumps, and other fuel accessories for volume customers.

Bulk Fuels Delivery

  • Fuel pricing is determined by the market value on the day the customer places their fuel order.
  • When an order for a fuel delivery is requested, the delivery will usually occur within 5 business days.
  • Farmers Union Oil Company requires a minimum order of 200 gallons for a delivery of any bulk fuel.
  • Volume fuel purchase discounts are available on bulk fuel orders. Please call the business office for more information.
  • Wholesale pricing is available on direct shipment of bulk fuel. Please call the business office for more information.

TO PLACE AN ONLINE ORDER CLICK HERE or call the business office to place your order.

Cash Discount

When customers receive a fuel delivery, the driver will leave the ticket with the customer at the time of delivery or the ticket will be mailed to the customer from the business office the following business day after the delivery.

We offer a 0.10¢ per gallon CASH discount on the purchase of 200 or more gallons of fuel if the fuel bill is paid within 10 days of the delivery

Cash Discount Instructions

If a cash discount is available, the discounted amount per gallon will appear in the top section of the ticket. The customer will need to subtract the discounted dollar amount from the total amount due.

Cash discounts are given if paid within 10 days of delivery, with either cash or check; discounts are not available if paid by credit card.

Other Bulk Products


Farmers Union Oil Company offers DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) in 55 gallon drums or 220 and 330 gallon totes.
Please contact the business office for more information.


Farmers Union Oil Company offers a full line of lubricants, packaged or in bulk. Whether it is for farm equipment, automobiles, trucks, or specialized commercial use, we can provide the lube oils and grease that are needed. Contact our business office for more information.

 Also Available

  • Fuel storage tanks and pumps
  • DEF tanks and pumps

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