Farmers Union Oil Company delivers propane to farm, home, and commercial customers. We also offer propane cylinder exchange and have a filling station for cylinders, forklifts, propane motor fuel tanks and RV propane tanks.

Services we offer

  • Propane tank purchasing or leasing
  • Servicing of existing propane tanks and installation of new tanks
    • On-site repairs
    • Leak checks
    • Regulator and hose replacements
    • Propane system inspections
    • Underground line trenching and installation
  • All propane employees are Ctep certified
  • Convenient Scheduled Delivery Program
  • Cash discounts
  • Summer fill rates and a pre-buy program for the winter home heating season and crop drying

Cash Discount

  • We offer a 0.10¢ per gallon CASH discount on the purchase of 300 or more gallons of propane if the propane bill is paid within 10 days of the delivery. Payment must be made via cash or check. Credit Card payments do not qualify for this discount.

Cash Discount Instructions

  • When customers receive a propane delivery, the driver will leave the ticket with the customer at the time of delivery or the ticket will be mailed to the customer from the business office the following  business day after the delivery.
  • If a cash discount is available, the discounted dollar amount will appear at the bottom of the ticket. The customer will need to subtract the discounted dollar amount from the total amount due, which is in the middle of the ticket.

Ordering Propane

  • Propane pricing is determined by the market value on the day the customer places their order.
  • When an order for delivery is requested, the order is entered into a routing database. Delivery will usually occur within 5 business days.
  • When ordering a propane fill, please have the current percent of your tank available. Tanks are filled to a maximum of 85%.
  • All propane customers are encouraged to check their tanks and to let us know if it has been overlooked and needs filling.
  • Customers must call when the tank volume gets down to 20%
  • Customers are responsible for clearing a path to the tank for delivery.
  • Customers are responsible for informing the office whenever a change in usage or tank ownership has occurred.
  • If you are on Will Call status, please watch your tank closely to avoid any of the additional delivery fees listed below. There are times during the year when the demand is extremely high so it is important to order when your tank is at or below 30%.
or call the business office to place your order.
Out-of-Gas Policy

Our mission is to provide propane in a way that is safe for our customers and our employees. Unfortunately, there may be times when a customer unexpectedly runs out of gas. This could create an unsafe environment for both the customer and our delivery drivers – especially if these emergency deliveries occur late at night. Also, our drivers keep regular routes to maximize their efficiency and minimize operating costs, which keeps our propane priced for you.

If you run out of propane, you should:

  1. Close the service valve on the propane storage tank.
  2. Shut off all appliance valves.
  3. Call your propane supplier immediately.

It is imperative that you are home so we can check the entire gas system for leaks and light all pilots. If we arrive and no one is home, we WILL NOT fill the tank. The driver will leave an “Out-of-Gas” tag instructing you to call us. This return trip will result in an additional charge.

The following is a list of charges for Out-of-Gas situations:

  • Scheduled Routed Delivery (“Keep Full”) customers:
    • No charge
  • Will Call Delivery or COD Customers or delinquent customers:
    • See Fee Schedule Below

** The above fees do not include charges for an Out-of-Gas system pressure and leakage test. See the “Pressure Testing and System Checks” for more information. **

Propane Fee Schedule

After hours or weekends$150.00
Same day delivery during business hours$100.00
Pressure/leak check$50.00
Service Labor and Mileage Rate$50.00


In the winter months, please make sure your driveway is open to allow the truck access to the tank area, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep the area to and around the tank clear of snow and other obstructions.

How many gallons are in my tank based on my gauge reading?


Propane Policy
  • All new customers are subject to a leak check of their propane system.
  • Anytime the propane system has been interrupted such as making repairs, modifications, changing of regulators, or run out of propane, the system must be leak checked.
  • Customers that run out of propane must have their system checked at their own expense. The customer must be present during a leak check to allow entry into the home.
  • Leak checks are billed out at a $50.00 minimum.
  • Deliveries or service calls that occur on a Saturday, Sunday, Holiday or after business hours Monday-Friday will incur a minimum $150.00 “after hours” charge.
  • Call-in orders of less than 300 gallons are subject to a minimum service charge of an added 0.20¢ per gallon fee.
  • We offer a 0.10¢ per gallon CASH discount on he purchase of 300 or more gallons of propane if the propane bill is paid within 10 days of the delivery. Payment must be made via cash or check. Credit Card payments do not qualify for this discount.
  • All underground piping, repairs or installations must be done by a trained gas service technician.
  • These policies may be changed without prior notice at any time.
Types of Delivery
Scheduled Routed Delivery

No more checking tank levels, no more out of propane service charges. This program allows customers to take the worry out of their propane delivery. Let us help you through the routed delivery system. We will keep your propane tank on a routed delivery schedule. Routed deliveries are based on your average propane consumption and the degree day. This allows us to deliver propane to all our customers on a safe, efficient, and timely basis. This program is available to all customers with an established Patron Credit Account.

The Scheduled Routed Delivery sometimes referred to as “Keep Full” is just as the name indicates – we schedule a customer’s propane delivery when their propane tank drops to approximately 20% capacity. Tanks are filled to 85%.

Scheduled Routed Delivery accounts allow delivery drivers to deliver propane when convenient and during regular routes.

All Scheduled Routed Delivery accounts must be kept current and payments must be received in our office before the next delivery will be scheduled.

If you do have a change in propane consumption due to extreme cold temperatures, or increased propane use for any reason, please notify us so that you don’t run into costly hazardous outages.


Will Call Delivery

The Will Call Delivery program allows customer to controls when propane deliveries are made.

While on this program it is especially important for propane tanks to stay above 20% full. Safety regulations require us to perform a leak test before refilling an empty tank. Therefore, if the tank is empty, we will charge for this service and an adult will have to be available at the home at the time of the leak check.

If a customer’s propane tank is empty, a same day delivery charge will be applied along with a safety pressure check fee which is required to verify the integrity of the propane system.

All propane outages that are not on the scheduled routed delivery program will be charged a minimum of $50.00. This fee includes getting the system back in service and also a charge for a special trip. Parts and labor are additional.

After hours emergency deliveries and out of gas deliveries will be made at an added charge.

All propane outages that are not on the scheduled routed delivery program will be charged a $50.00 delivery fee if the propane is needed the same day or sooner than one business day after the placement of the propane order.

 All Will Call Delivery accounts must be kept current and payments must be received in our office before the next delivery will be scheduled.

Summer Only Delivery

The Summer Only Routed Delivery is just as the name says – we schedule your propane delivery once a year during the summer months. This is a one-time propane fill in the summer months only at our summer propane price.

Tank Lease / Purchase Options
Farmers Union Oil Company offers the following propane tank lease or purchase options:
  • Both new and used 500 gallon or 1000 gallon above ground propane tanks are available for purchase or lease.
  • In stock propane tank availability varies greatly throughout the year.
  • On a case-by-case basis, we buy used propane tanks from customers depending on the age and condition of a propane tank.
  • Lease rental costs are charged yearly and billed to the customer every October.
  • Customers who lease their tanks will be required to purchase all propane from Farmers Union Oil Company thru the duration of their lease. If propane is bought from another company while the tank is under a lease contract with Farmers Union Oil Company, the lease will be terminated, and the tank will be removed from the customers property.

A propane contract refers to the pre-payment of the purchase of a fixed amount of propane at a fixed price to be delivered to the customer during the heating and/or crop drying season. The contract price per gallon is typically lower than the usual retail price and could lead to large savings for the customer depending on the amount of propane the customer purchases.

Winter Propane Pre-Buy Contract
(approximately October 1 thru March 31)

At the end of every summer Farmers Union Oil Company mails out contracts with pricing and terms for the winter heating season. This is typically the best opportunity for customers to buy gallons of propane at a lower locked-in rate before the heating season begins. The price per gallon is set as a “pre-buy price” and the customer chooses how many gallons of propane they wish to purchase at that time for the winter heating season (a minimum of 300 gallons is required). Each year a deadline is set up regarding when the contract must be returned to the business office for a customer to participate in the Winter Pre-buy program.

The Propane Pre-Buy is set up as a prepaid contract. Customers must have a contract on file in our business office prior to the contact submission deadline. In addition, contracted Pre-buy propane gallons must be paid for in full with the contract.




Crop Dry Propane Contracts

Please call our business office to take advantage of some of our best prices regarding the purchase of propane for crop drying.

Energy Assistance

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program assists eligible low-income families with home heating costs through the heating season. Both homeowner and renter households are eligible for the program.

Program applications are accepted between October 1 through May 31.

While this program is meant to help with heating costs during the winter, funds are only appropriated once a year and funds are not guaranteed from year to year. Therefore, once a customers allotment is used for the season, the charges become the responsibility of the customer.

Customers can contact their local human service zone office and request that an application be mailed to them. 

Learn about our Customer Referral Program

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