Propane Safety

Do you know what to do if you smell gas?

Follow these six steps to SAFETY when you smell gas at your home or business.

Leave the area immediately

Turn off the propane tank

Call Farmers Union Oil to report a possible leak and request a propane system check

Do not return to the building or area

Do not use anything that may cause flames or sparks in the are you smell propane

Another part of our safety program is performing a free “Safety Check” of your system when we set a tank. A safety check consists of pressure testing the lines to make sure there are no leaks, inspecting your gas system to see if it meets state and federal codes and checking the date of your regulator. Regulators must be changed every 15 years. During the summer months, we will perform the Safety Check FREE for those customers that have not had one done within the last 5 years.

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